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Bag collection

May 25, 2018

The bag collects to want to do well to maintain first, premise wants to know, collect is not bury, also should take a bag to come out to breathe freely occasionally. Suggest a

Once a month, once a quarter at most, to take the bag out to breathe.

1. After maintenance, the protective agent should be applied before acceptance.

2. For the bag to be exactly the same (not deformed) as when you bought it, you should put paper or old clothes in the bag

It will grow worms because of damp.

3, had better put some moisture-proof bead in the bag, if want to put camphor ball and so on, should divide open.

4. When you buy a bag, you usually have a dust-proof bag (usually a bag made of nonwoven fabric). You don't need to throw it away. Now closed

Hide it, and seal the bag with this dust - proof bag.

5. Remember that there should be some space between each bag, for fear that they will stain each other over time.

Actually, daily good protection, a bag's life also has several years. In my eyes, know to cherish protect the bag, are a gentle person