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How to clean your bag

May 25, 2018

The leather bags to be collected in the past season should be cleaned before being accepted. In addition, the leather bags should be put into clean paper scraps or cotton sweaters to keep the shape of the leather bags.

Then put the bag into the soft cotton bag, the bag in the cabinet should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. The cabinet for receiving leather goods must be kept open

The wind. The natural oil of leather itself will gradually decrease with time or too many times of use, so even the most advanced leather needs to be determined

Regular maintenance. It is recommended that you clean the leather before storing it.

If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with a clean, moist sponge and warm detergent and let it dry naturally. Try it in an inconspicuous corner before use

With it.

If the beverage is knocked over on the leather, it should be sucked dry immediately with clean cloth or sponge and wiped with wet cloth to dry naturally.

If smeared with grease, can be used for cloth wipe clean, the rest by its natural dissipation or detergent clean, do not wash with water.

The surface of high quality leather parts is not unavoidably slightly scarred, which can be diluted by hand cooling and grease.

If the leather is caught in the rain by accident, the beads should be wiped dry and placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry. Do not dry or explode in the sun with fire.

When the leather parts produce wrinkles carelessly, the wool temperature can be set by using the ironing bucket and the cloth can be ironed flat.

Hardware maintenance on leather parts, should be wiped with dry cloth after use. If the micro-oxidation, you can try to use flour or toothpaste men gently wipe hardware can.

If the leather produces spot stain black spot, can try to dip alcohol with the same color leather material gently swab.

Flannelette leather must use soft animal hair brush to remove dust and dirt on the surface, if the pollution is serious, can try to gently with eraser to the quartet even dispersion

Remove dirt.