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How to maintain the hand-made leather bag

May 25, 2018

The society is all developed from the handicraft society, in today's society to find a bit of retro flavor is very memorable.

Dust, dirt, and leather stiffening are all possible problems with hand-made leather bags. To keep your bag fresh all the time, you can use the following method

To care for the bag:

1. Daily maintenance can avoid dust by polishing the wax. When not in use, you should put in the cardboard or newspaper to prevent deformation. Ostrich skin, crocodile skin, etc

Precious leather seeds, leather with natural lumps and lines, not recommended DIY maintenance.

3. When the hand-made leather bag becomes hard, wipe it with leather preservation oil to restore the original softness.

4. The hand-made leather bag is wet. Do not bake or blow dry the bag with a hair dryer if it is not carefully dipped in water. Stand in case of rain or water

Engrave with dry towel absorb dry moisture, put in cool and cool place after natural air - drying, then with maintenance oil wipe after receiving.

5. The maintenance oil of hand-made leather bags should be poured on the cotton cloth first and then evenly wiped. Do not touch the hand-made leather bags directly to avoid stains. Nor should you rub it hard

Swab to avoid uneven leather color. Test the inside or corner of the back of the bag before applying oil.

Hand - made leather bags are good, but we also need to care and maintain them in our daily life. It is recommended to use the above five bags for better maintenance

Point out to take care of your own leather bag, yes your own leather bag beautiful durable.