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How to maintain your bag

May 25, 2018

Generally speaking, the handbag that just bought should be rubbed with clean hand first, want to use proper temperature and grease only, use hand slowly gently

Friction can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. Where the climate is humid, the leather is easy to be contaminated by rain, if the leather is accidentally caught in the rain

, but do not bake with fire or direct in the sun, so as not to deform the bag, the most important is to wipe water drops dry, and then place in a cool place to dry

To the. Had better maintain oil at any time, in order to extend the service life.

2. The best way to clean and maintain ordinary skin is to remove dirt first and then remove dirt and wrinkles with special cleaning oil. Secondly, skin

The special oil of the bag is attached to the cloth and lightly applied to the bag. Then the cloth is rubbed hard on the bag

Fade or contaminate clothes.

3, the skin is to want to show original flavor, had better use its special ointment, in case of unfortunate dip on dirt, can use more wet towel carefully clear

In addition to.

4. Velvet is deerskin, anti-fur, etc. It is best to use a soft animal brush to remove.

5. The patent leather is easy to crack, so it must be used with special care, usually as long as it is wiped with a soft cloth like a handkerchief

. If there is a crack in the bag, dip the cloth in a bit of special grease and wipe gently.