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How to properly care for designer bags

May 25, 2018

The material is dirty to brush, the hardware is black to wipe, dust more to clean.. MM may not do, the bag does not scratch, do not give the rain, do not give

Pollution is the basic knowledge of maintenance. Only when you know how to cherish it can you know how to keep it safe for a long time. The purpose is to buy it back

Exactly the same.

Oxford cloth, nylon bag, artificial leather bag And so on countless, the overall fabric composition of the bag


Fabric maintenance

The first kind: real leather (as we often know, real leather handbags are made of sheepskin, pig skin, cow skin, horse skin, etc.), but most of them are made of cow skin

Good toughness, relatively expensive price)

Keep in mind that the dermis is most afraid to become hard when wet. If the bag is dirty or wet by accident, use clean paper towels or hair in the first place

Wipe the towel and then dry it with a blowpipe.

Want to do maintain regularly, the bag of leather should be wiped with maintain agent (remember to use shoe oil, olive oil can choose. Stick the detergent on the clean one first

On the towel (it is better to be eyewear cloth, this is better to use), wipe evenly again, can let the bag restore burnish.

Should avoid the impact of hard objects and the scratches of beneficial objects, and the dermal absorption capacity is strong, must do a good antifouling measure.

Type 2: PU materials (so-called artificial leather, which is highly malleable and widely available in the market)

Dip some water (not too much) into the cotton cloth (just clean cloth), and when it is dry, wipe the leather over.

You can use a cotton swab with a little bit of grease to clean the dirty areas, not too hard, if not dirty areas do not need to wipe. (or brush your teeth with a toothbrush

Cream is also ok. It's best to use white toothpaste.

Then put it in a ventilated place and let it dry