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Leisure bag special accident special treatment

May 25, 2018

1. If there is dirt attached, it is better to apply a bit of leather paste after wiping with rubber

2. If you have the ball writing of colored fabric, you can use 95% alcohol or use amway (which is a detergent) to brush directly before cleaning

In the handwriting, do not touch water, after 5 minutes of regular treatment.

3. For example, after peeling off the corner of the bag, or after grinding, use the same color with the bag (the ink pen with two heads and one head has many colors)

The paint will not stand out.

4. Hardware maintenance should be wiped with dry cloth after use. If the micro-oxidation, can use flour or toothpaste to gently wipe the hardware (but high-grade seal oil

The hardware of will not oxidize easily, can rest assured).

5. If glue is applied, white electric oil (degreasing oil) can be used to remove it. White electric oil can be purchased from the chemical supplies store. You can also use a small range of aerosols

Use removal under test.

6. If the white leather bag is slightly yellowed, apply a little neutral detergent to the toothbrush, wipe the whole bag and the sewing part

Bit, brush it too.

7. If the spot is black, try rubbing it with alcohol in the same color leather.

If you have a solution that has a different color than your bag, it's a hassle. Wipe the surface with a clean, wet cotton cloth and let the other solution seep in

Let it sink in, and if you rub it down hard, it'll damage the bag.