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Maintenance knowledge of different bags

May 25, 2018

In fact, the primary way to maintain is to "cherish with use" when using a handbag, usually pay attention to not being scratched, not being wet, not being contaminated by stains, are protected

The basics of owning a handbag.

Suede bag: the suede bag that has short wool tactility, mix with leather, also be the common style in famous brand bag, tie-in elegant gentleman suit or individual character have

The jeans of the model are suitable for casual wear. Because the suede is taken from the animal unique with short hair material, the most afraid of moisture in the water, resulting in moldy.

Cloth bread: different from leather, but capable of making more changes. The latest trends are cotton, linen, silk satin, denim, jacquard and sails

Cloth and so on, worship the popularity of the tourist leisure trend, is the first choice of many people nowadays. Bread and cloth is flour, but like fine clothes, it is not direct

Washing with water, as a result of fiber weaving, whether in sewage or dust, is easy to attach to it.

Nylon material: lightweight and tough, with special treatment to prevent water splashing function, high durability for long-term use. If it's a regular thread, yes

Pay attention to the weight of the bag. If there are metal rivets and leather materials that decorate the surface of the bag, be careful when cleaning.

Rare and expensive leather material: crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python skin, horse skin, etc., because rare and precious, texture looks better, except for large leather pieces

In addition, this kind of material can be started from small single products.

Avoid leaving your bag with dirt and grease on your hands, and try not to get wet when it rains. But if not

Be careful to get your bag soiled or soaked in water. Make sure to dry it with toilet paper or towel as soon as possible

Don't be cool, ignore or rush to rub the stain hard, or it will likely fade your bag and, in serious cases, make the leather cover hard

Save the damage.

If leather bags are wiped with leather cleaner, the wiper cloth that wipes glasses commonly is cheap and good helper, won't scratch your beloved bag

Bag, even daub can make bag restore burnish.

Both ends of a gray - white pencil, atomic pen dual use eraser, can be used as a suede bag cleaning tool, if slightly dirty, can be used for general pencil eraser

Gently wipe off the white eraser; Serious dirt can be removed with a grey eraser on one end of an atomic pen because of the strong friction

", but the hands should be light to avoid damaging the bag.

Clean the nylon bag and cloth bread, gently press the surface of the bag with non-dripping wet cloth, in addition to silk, silk and satin, you can taste it

Apply toothpaste to the toothbrush for local cleaning.