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Maintenance knowledge of leisure bags

May 25, 2018

What about sticking to gum?

Pack gum on the bag, as long as put in the freezer, make gum frozen hard, very easy to get rid of;

2. How to remove the water-based pen and brush in leather bags?

Use shoe polish, probably only with oily detergent to wipe. But there are drawbacks, too, such as getting leather too wet or washing it with detergent

It's rougher than it used to be, and it's even like a piece of paper that dries when wet.

3. How to remove the sweat on the bag?

First of all, you should pay attention to the backpack, you can choose a kind of leather, or gum, so that not easy to sweat. Like the knapsack with the cloth

, meet on the water ah sweat, there will be imprint, bad weather will be moldy.

As for how to remove the smell. Choose to wash the clothes when the weather is good and dry them out.

Basic knowledge of

(1) sun protection this is the most basic, long-term exposure or in the sun environment, easy to decolor and deterioration

(2) cleaning, usually the bags do not need to be cleaned frequently

(3) according to the material of the bag

4. The republic of canvas kindly reminds you of the leisure bag washing method of canvas

(1) washing: add a small amount of detergent or soap powder to clean water and gently rub it. If there are stubborn stains, gently brush with a soft brush to avoid long time

During soaking, try not to get wet on the leather part.

(2) airing: when drying, please turn the bag inside out and hang it upside down to dry, which is conducive to maintaining the original shape of the bag. Avoid direct sunlight to air dry or dry

The most ideal way to do it is to work in the shade.

(3) storage: when not in use for a long time, please store in a cool and dry place to avoid heavy pressure, so as not to be affected by moisture or deformed.

Have cherish and meticulous maintenance, your favorite canvas bag will be more back more have a feeling!!