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Some related factors in choosing a bag

May 25, 2018

1. Style I think the style of the bag should be as simple as possible, but it must have exquisite details, good workmanship and a rough bag

There will be no beauty at all. I prefer soft bags to hard ones. And a lot of people feel like they wear more clothes in winter

Want to carry a big bag, what summer wears little to want to carry small, actually I think just opposite, what winter wears more should carry a small bag, can balance look

To avoid appearing bloated; And the little that summer wears is about to carry a big bag, unapt appears frivolous, also be for balance. One more thing is heavy

Want, it is summer to do not askew shoulder to wrap as far as possible, especially the MM of plump model, this medium reason need not I narrate ~ ha. 2. Color

However, it is to look at the right color ~ the more pure the better, and how to match, according to the clothes to come, do not carry a clothes and color or the same

Close to the bag, would rather pass the red back green bag than wear yellow clothes and carry a yellow bag, which is very silly, I think. Except black and white. 3, quality of a material

Of course, it's best to be cortical. However, considering the cost, as long as the quality of good quality, the quality of the broken and the sparse will not do anything good

Bag. However, the best color gorgeous and deep package choose sheepskin, color light choose the better leather. In a word, Chinese clothes can not have, one

The bag that sincere good luck absolutely cannot little! Otherwise the whole suit will turn into a white paper. 4. Clothes and bags: fabrics and colors

Coordinate if you're a fashion-conscious girl who likes to wear fashionable colors, you should choose a fashion bag that matches the tone of the fashion. If you are

Love to wear solid color clothes, that should match oneself some bright color, flowery bag. If you like wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts and other boyish clothes, you should

Choose hard bags of nylon, plastic and thick canvas. If you love to wear knitwear, blouses and other girly clothes, it should be accompanied by some lace, hemp

Or soft cotton bags. Of course, the fabric has changed, and the quality of the bag needs to be changed accordingly.