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Special points for cleaning leisure bags

May 25, 2018

1. Take off the activity accessories of the bag. And the bag that maintains hind cannot because be anxious and put in the sun insolate, just wash

Once the bag is the most vulnerable, exposure will make the bag hard, brittle or faded; Just leave it in a cool, ventilated place.

2. The inside of the bag is usually made of cotton cloth or nylon cloth. If the bag is too expensive, I recommend it

Go to the inner floor of the dry cleaning, or get back to the bag shop, which will be cleaned by the shop for you

With the dryer, drying, otherwise cool not to grow musty and smelly, more damage to the bag.

3. When wiping your bag, you can choose an obscure corner to wipe it first. If it's not too much of a problem, wipe your bag thoroughly. If cleaning

The solution is harmful to the bag, so don't rub it.

4. The zipper of the bag, shoulder strap, oil edge, car thread, etc., should be properly maintained.