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Basic Elements Of Leather And Packaging

May 25, 2018

There are more obvious differences in the leather case packaging. In terms of materials, it is mainly made of genuine leather or PU materials simulating cortical sensation, supplemented by fabric and parchment materials.

It's called cortical packaging. If the main and auxiliary materials are reversed, it is not a leather package, but a regular leather box or paper package.

In structure, the inner liner USES solid wood, MDF board or all plastic as keel support, which can support and protect the packaging structure. If you don't have a stent,

It's made of genuine leather, even if it's used for packaging, it's just a tote bag, not a real leather one.

In terms of social responsibility objective, the starting point of common leather box is to protect the product from damage in storage and transportation, and to expand it

The responsibility of the market, even overpackaging to expand the market, introduces the definition and differentiation criteria of overpackaging, without the concept of environmental protection.