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How To Choose A Bag That Suits You

May 25, 2018

Bag and face shape

The face of face stereo feeling is strong, cheekbone is taller face can choose stripe anacreontic, contain neuter metallic style individual character design; They have small features and face shape

Fruity is suit to choose the sweet and lovely bag that contains more shining affix to act the role of.

Bag and chest

When the bag is under the arm, you can only see its thickness from the front view. Accordingly, the MM of bosom plump, lumbar thicker circle should choose

Choose a thin, slender rectangular bag; Chest is more flat, the figure is slender MM should choose side to have the triangle bag of thickness, ability lets go up to surround slightly

The plump.

Bag and height

Different height must match different size of the bag, but how to choose not to appear redundant? If your height is above 165 centimeters, try your best

Choose a bag that is about 60cm long and fits vertically into a magazine sized bag. Height below 158 centimeters, should choose full length about 50 centimeters

Wear a magazine sized bag horizontally to lengthen your body.

Bags and manners

When using small shoulder strap, you can fix the bag slightly under your armpits to avoid swinging the bag back and forth. The handbag should be put on the arm, with the elbow resting naturally

The waist line is 90 degrees; The strapless bag can be held in a single hand on the chest or held naturally along the length of the arm near the thigh and cut by the sisters

Don't put your bag under your arm.