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Innovation Of Packaging Box

May 25, 2018

In many weddings today, cigarettes are taken from twenty packs and placed on a small plate of red paper by the caterer

Often it is to buy a lot of a pack of cigarettes, and it is divided into small paper box, and a box of separate small cigarette box, large

Fei zhou zhang, such a layer of packaging box, is also the destruction of nature. Have tobacco manufacturers thought about developing a wedding reception

Specialty cigarettes? Put cigarettes in a festive red box, a box of 888 cigarettes, so that there is a festive spirit

Sweet atmosphere, also agree with the Chinese people to 8 this number to be fond of, if this kind of word buys a big bag, can satisfy the wedding of about 20 table left and right sides makes

To use.

Can say now, the innovation of packaging box is not onefold for good-looking, widen its function even! You want sichuan millet they're big

The jars and baskets, if they were packaged, would now be sold in domestic pickles. Later it was changed into a small jar and sold to Hong Kong. And cut him

It can be sold all over the world by putting pressed vegetables in vacuum packaging in pieces, pieces and silk. How innovative packaging materials, you want to keep fresh, protect

Improvements in quality, transportation and other functions have been taken into account, and new opportunities have been created for goods to expand into the market. There is a kind of paper display stand in foreign countries

Solve sunglasses manufacturer to be able to sell more easily in business super, the face also solved pilferage problem, so let sunglasses manufacturer can be very relieved of product

It was sold through channels like shangchao. Innovative packaging is as follows:

1. Integrate the cultural factors of the product and highlight the brand connotation of the product

The culture of products can go back a long time. Culture is the most continuous vitality of a brand. The culture of products can be integrated into your brand.

Noodles can be displayed at the end of sales, however, this is a very good way to show the connotation of your brand and improve the brand awareness. So will you

The cultural elements of the products are integrated into the packaging box, so that your products have a cultural heritage, so that the products can stand the time.

Two, planar design, clever use of color

Product packaging box graphic design and color matching are the consumers in the heart of the "pioneer warrior." Graphic design beautiful, color harmony, beauty

Product packaging must first enter the eyes of consumers.

Third, innovative packaging to meet different USES

The function of packing box is many, for example, protect, store, transport; Marketing attracts attention; Easy to buy and carry; Enhance brand value, etc. design

Good packaging can create more value in sales and more revenue and profits for manufacturers.