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Introduction History Of Packaging Box

May 25, 2018

Today, in the modern sense of packaging design and sense of The Times, is also a very prominent problem. In contrast, the packaging of the goods is the first direct expression

The packaging must represent their time. I think modern; People who are above our aesthetic level and are unwilling to accept new things.

Modernity is not welcome. Fortunately, however, a sense of innovation is now firmly entrenched in the United States. Nothing can develop people already

Be aware of innovation. Therefore, we must accept new things and new ideas. Therefore, some very advanced designs have been gradually accepted

. However, we cannot accept new things at the same time and forget the traditional elements.

The history of packaging boxes

Packaging box refers to the process of transportation, storage and sales, that is, the protection of goods and identification, the more convenient use of sales, that is, specific packaging

The containers, materials and accessories of the product are all designed to prevent damage to the general name of the internal product. As early as the middle of the 18th century, the packaging boxes for mid - and high-end goods

And it's already there. At that time, the purpose of packaging, is the most original use, in order to protect the safety of goods in transit. So,

The earliest packaging boxes for goods were simply safe packaging boxes for items. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, commodities entered an unprecedented boom in wholesale markets

And how to retail goods. At this time, some low-cost retailers began to adulterate unpackaged goods! The behavior of traders leads to life

Manufacturers quickly lost market share. As a result, manufacturers are aware of cheap goods and need packaging to ensure quality. People were talking about boxes

Some understanding. But the purpose of packaging is to protect the goods, that is, the first function of packaging. The appearance packaging is single and follows the same mold