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Leather Box Packaging To Meet Diversified Consumer Demand Is The Future Focus

May 25, 2018

According to the requirements of "three products" strategy of consumer goods industry, "increase variety, improve quality and create brand", the paper industry association also has its own future work plan

. In terms of increasing varieties, the paper industry association will guide and promote the further enhancement of new product development capacity and brand creation capacity. When it comes to quality, co

The focus of the meeting was to improve the quality of uncoated printing paper, packaging paper and board, special paper and board and to bind these types of products

Structure is optimized. The purpose of these work is to make the paper industry meet the needs of diversified consumer market and form high, fine, special and differentiated paper and paper

Board product structure.

At the same time, the paper industry association said it would take full advantage of the opportunities brought about by the Internet era to explore the "Internet plus marketing, production and production of paper and paper products"

The new mode of logistics provides the society with more flexible product selection and more convenient and fast service.

In the next step, the paper industry will implement the sustainable development strategy, give full play to the low-carbon, green and recyclable characteristics of the paper industry, protect resources and environment, and construct the paper industry

Science and technology innovation, resource conservation and environment-friendly green paper industry.

The first press conference of the fifth session of the 12th guangdong provincial people's congress was held recently. During this period, wu dongwen, deputy director of guangdong economic and information technology commission, and director of the provincial department of environmental protection

Lu revealed the two departments' priorities in the paper industry this year.