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Some Maintenance Methods Of High - Grade Leather Box Packaging

May 25, 2018

1. Do not place heavy things on the cover of the leather box to prevent the box from being crushed or out of shape

2. The place of the leather box must be boring, otherwise, the skin surface of the damp is easy to relax, which leads to deformation and decay, the glue slurry is removed, and the metal parts are also easy


3. Prevent from dampness and heat, not to be soaked by water, not to be exposed to the sun, avoid dry and cracked skin, lose patience and break off easily

4. Check frequently. If the skin is dry, apply some oil

5. If there is any mildew on the leather material of the leather box, you can wipe it with dry cloth first, then apply petroleum jelly, and wipe it off after 10 minutes

Vaseline will do.

Everything is in maintenance, and of course you should not underestimate the packaging. They can help you make the most of your products

It is clear to all that, with a good packaging, the value of the product will be even higher. This is what we call a man riding in his clothes.