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Sustainable Development Is The Future Direction Of Packaging Boxes

May 25, 2018

The trend of packaging boxes is to be proficient in modern design and forward-looking thinking.

Although there is no clear formula for packaging box direct products, but there are several trends can be seen: packaging box production, must be done

A box that catches people's eyes. To consider product packaging design in your industry to make your packaging box, your customers will be able to see only

Your company is well versed in modern design, has a forward-looking mindset, and tends to buy your products.

A good packaging design

When a product can be recycled or recycled from materials, or "green" sustainable packaging has a long way to go.

At present, "green" packaging has the following development trend:

Biodegradable and renewable materials: many cities implement composting programs that encourage residents to compost in their own backyard. Compost plastic, usually

Renewable resources, such as maize, are increasingly popular.

Non-toxic materials: consumers want to know that there are no harmful chemicals or dyes in your package.

Energy saving and emission reduction: this may mean less energy, or the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels.

Reduce packaging materials: eliminate waste, save shipping costs, and reduce production applications.

Water efficiency: reducing waste water in production, such as through reuse, is an important component of green packaging.

The popularization of sustainable packaging means that the use of sustainable technology can attract consumers with environmental awareness.

Of course, sustainable development must take into account the function and price. Solar chips have been in biodegradable plastic bags since early 2010

Because of the quality problem, consumers complain and sales loss. Customers want to buy green products, but not at the expense of quality

, cost and convenience.