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The Packaging Material Of The Box

May 25, 2018

Packaging box materials, now also very rich, paper, leather, plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, wild vines, natural fibers,

Composite materials and other packaging materials, adhesives, coatings, printing materials and other auxiliary materials.

Paper packaging -- it's common in our life because it's easy to deform, light in weight, and strong in expansion. Therefore, it is widely used. However,

In the promotion of environmental protection today paper packaging is obviously not advocated!

Plastic packaging - resin as the main component, through high - temperature stereotypes. Although it is a kind of modern packaging material. However, in the packaging material

The utilization rate of materials is also increasing year by year. In some developed countries, paper packaging boxes have been gradually replaced.

Wooden packing - characterized by natural materials that can be used with a little treatment. It is usually divided into two types of softwood and hardwood, just like paper from environmental protection

From the point of view, the wood packaging of analytical materials is not suitable for mass production.

Metal materials -- it originated 100 years ago from the French invention of tinned food in 1809, and the British invention of tin-tin cans in 1841. Such a

The modern history of metal packaging was created. The cost of metal packing is high because of the complicated treatment. The usage is not very high.

Glass materials - glass texture features hard and brittle, transparent, easy to process! However, corrupt applications are not easy!

Packaging and decoration

Standards for packaging and decoration can be divided into quality, sales and culture.

The masses - goods should have their own customers and try to expand their consumer groups to make their products more marketable. Packaging designers and groups

In order to make their works, they should seriously consider for consumers, so that consumers can better use the packaging of goods and better serve consumers

. It is important to find ways to attract consumers. Expanding the consumer base will only lead to better market efficiency.