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The Printing And Packaging Industry Must Face The Big Law

May 25, 2018

By 2016, the number of "three wastes" in the paper industry has been declining, and the treatment technology has been mature and improved. The modern paper industry is not only a source of plant materials

Carbon dioxide in the air, after the extraction of plant fiber, the waste in the production process can also be fully converted into material energy, after combined production of heat and electricity

Self-use and marketing, biomass energy proportion is very high. The chemicals used in pulping can also be recycled almost entirely. China's paper production raw materials except

In addition to the imported pulp, the main use of forestry "three leftovers", miscellaneous bamboo, reed, bagasse, agricultural waste straw, waste paper and other raw materials, is a typical waste

Comprehensive utilization of resources industry. By 2016, China's internationally advanced production capacity has accounted for 70%.

The recycling and utilization of waste paper also fully reflects the nature of natural recycling, which is called "the second forest". Under modern technology, waste paper pulping process

In China, 65% of waste materials have already been recycled. Modern pulping and papermaking technology is keeping the paper industry away from high resources

Consumption and high environmental risk.

China has implemented the strictest pollutant emission standards in the world. In order to ensure the standard of pollutant treatment and emission, the paper industry enterprises have adopted a large scale

Extreme management measures with high cost. In addition, a large number of newly-built enterprises only use raw water for energy consumption, water consumption and solid, liquid and gas pollutant emissions per unit product

A fraction of a square, or even a tenth of a square.