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Types Of Wallet

Jan 19, 2019

  Watch your wallet– even if you are not in danger of being pick-pocketed, for you never know who may be judging you by the shape and style of it in these days of high fashion and immaculate grooming.

  While grooming experts would have us believe it is the complete look that wins over the lady, there is little emphasis on matching accessories beyond the basic brown belt, brown shoes and black belt with black shoes, please kind of information. We are here to correct that and offer you a sneak peek into the hitherto neglected domain of an essential male style accessory: the wallet!

  While a bulging wallet is taken as an indication of your healthy wealthy status, if all that tumbles out of it are college ID and outdated credit cards, not to mention sundry bits of paper doubling up as to-do lists, then its time for a style make-over, man! For the man about town who’s keen on keeping the right bulges in place (definitely not in the back pocket, which gives you an unaesthetic look with a fat wallet sticking out of it), it is vital to pick a stylish wallet and keep it slim by doing away with all, but the essential elements. Yes, that means ditching anything that doesn’t contribute towards purchasing power, which is the true purpose of a wallet.

  If you prefer the classic look, you can opt for a stylish, elegant wallet that combines functionality with comfort (yes, dump the one with big rivets and buckles that may well make you jump out of your seat besides endangering your trouser material) from Soviet or Fossil and try to match it with your most frequently worn belt. Check out one with different compartments for accommodating credit cards, cash, photographs and various membership and visitor cards that you are currently using.

  Depending on your lifestyle (sporty, business or mostly casual), you can pick the right wallet to suit your personality and make a style statement with it, too. For example, for the outdoorsy man, there is a vast range of sporty wallets from Guess and Polo made of durable, lightweight and waterproof materials such as nylon and vinyl that take hard knocks during dirt biking or mountain climbing; these are comparatively easy on the pocket too.